Strength Box



The best gym I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. All the trainers are friendly, welcoming and professional – and they get great results!


Strengthbox has transformed the way I approach nutrition and workouts. The guys have driven me to transform and reach my goals. This is not just a business its a community where the employees genuinely care about customer progress.

Would recommend to anyone……


Cannot recommend highly enough! Joining StrengthBox made a real different both physically and lifestyle-wise! The team are really friendly and you get a very personal service (not like in a big gym). Coming to end of my second block of sessions and will be sure to stay on!


The guys at Strengthbox are all very friendly and up for a laugh. Having had very little weightlifting experience, the guys don’t pass any judgement and explain each move in great depth and give great feedback. They’re all very knowledgeable and are willing to answer any question you may have. I highly recommend anyone gives it a go!


Excellent facilities with a great team have massively helped me achieve my goals. Nick & his team are professional and knowledgeable.


I did the 6 week transformation with Nick and managed to lose 6kg and completely change the way I look, but also my attitude to exercise and food which has meant I have manage to keep the weight off a year later.
One thing that has always impressed me is the friendliness of the gym. All of the trainers are great and always have a few mins to answer questions you might have.
If you have always struggled with the gym, and sometimes lack that motivation then give StrengthBox a try.


If you are looking for personal training or small classes this is the place to go. Friendly, professional, and get results. Been using them for a year now, and will continue to do so. As a 55 year old bloke, I’ve never been in better shape thanks to these guys. Don’t look anywhere else – just join here!!


Amazing Gym with a great friendly atmosphere where nothing is too much trouble, Nick and the team are extremely knowledgeable and helpful with a keen eye on the details. I’ve been training with Matt for 5 months now and seen vast improvements in every aspect of my training, can’t rate them highly enough… also shout out to Connor & George.


I’ve been attending StrengthBox Gym for the last few months. Right from the start my experience has been excellent with an initial trial before becoming a member. Nick and the rest of the team are extremely friendly and the other members are a great group of people. There is none of the stuffy judgment of other gyms – everyone gets on and does their thing! For me the best gym in Wokingham and I look forward to going… Not something I’ve said before!


I have always actively avoided the Gym, with no gym experience I explained that I would like to tone up and lose my excess body-fat.I have never had as much fun in a gym before, as each session is motivating and challenging in its own unique way. Sophie seems to adapt to any situation and can get the best out of me even when I’m tired etc, she always manages to push me adequately enough to make me achieve mixing up the exercises to add variation, upping the weights when I make it look easy always pushing to achieve.

Within a few weeks’ of sessions, I could already feel the difference in my core, balance and clothes.


Awesome gym with a great social atmosphere. Nick and the other PTs are extremely knowledgeable and honestly care about your fitness. They’re always happy to help and give you constructive feedback to aid your progression. Recommend this place without question.


I can’t speak highly enough of StrengthBox. From my first call with Nick to meeting my personal trainer Joe, everything has been excellent. I undertook the six week body transformation and Joe was great at tracking my progress, keeping me motivated and personalising the sessions for me. For someone like me, who hates all forms of exercise, I found myself genuinely looking forward to sessions and enjoying them once I was there. The facilities are excellent and the atmosphere is great; really friendly and no air of judgement that I have found at previous places. At the end of my programme I was delighted the results I saw and can’t thank or recommend the guys at StrengthBox enough.


Have attended the Bootcamp here & it was fantastic, lots of variation and encouragement from everyone involved. Would recommend to anyone looking for a fun gym.


As a triathlete, I have spent most of the last 2 years swimming, cycling or running, neglecting the strength and conditioning side of my training. Nick has helped me put together a 40 week strength and conditioning program to help me towards my fitness goals and to hopefully exceed them. His knowledge in these areas is excellent and that coupled with his state of the art training unit and desire to help people makes it a safe bet if you’re looking for help with your health and fitness targets.


Great independent gym focused on personal training and group weights circuits. If you are looking for a holistic approach to diet and training this is the place to go.


I have always felt a little intimidated at gyms, but that was not the case at strength box. In fact I was made to feel welcome and part of a team. My trainer Dimi was excellent and Nick was always on hand for advice about my training and diet of which he is extremely knowledgeable. I can’t recommend strength box enough. Everyone I’ve meet there has had fantastic results not least myself.
If you are serious about putting the hard work in, then success at StrengthBox is guaranteed!


I did an 18 week training program with Nick at Strengthbox Gym, I lost 3.99 stone in that time and learned so much about weight training and nutrition. Nick has tailored plans, so no matter what your goals he will have something for you!


I have used Strengthbox on numerous occasions attending their boot camps which were very enjoyable and welcoming.