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Strength Box

Photoshoot/Contest Prep.

Are you a seasoned physique competitor or someone who’s got the bug for training having achieved their best results and are thinking of aiming towards a photoshoot? We have specially designed programmes for you if this is the case.

Who would benefit from our coaching?

Of course anyone serious about training would benefit from our training. However, if the following sounds like you then our training has been designed with you in mind:

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As a StrengthBoxclient you will receive access to our inner circle to discuss your progress and bounce off other like-minded people, ask as many questions as you need and if you’re really stuck we’ll take you through your programme individually.

What’s included?

What is our vision for you?

100% Money Back Guarantee Stamp

Money-back guarantee

If after committing to our programme 100%, doing everything that is expected of you for 28 days, and you have not seen any progress, you will receive a no quibble full refund.