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(This works even if you are currently bored of the gym and never want to diet again)

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Did you know 73% of people give up on their fitness regime within 6 weeks and what’s even more shocking is they will repeat this cycle at least another 3 more times before giving up entirely! 

Here’s the problem; you try the same boring, detestable routine every time knowing all too well it’s going to fail again so you think you’ve got to start at one hundred miles an hour to get as far as you can before you ultimately give up. 

You grind away on the CV kit with your headphones in thinking ‘Is this really the only way to lose weight?’ Exercising is a grind and every time you restart it becomes more and more of a chore.

Every time you’ve got to put more effort in to think of something different to try and I’m not even talking about the diet side of things. That’s a whole different beast.

You put in a lot of effort for 5-10 days but really you know you are only one family meal or client meeting away from slipping back to square one. 

And the fatigue of starting again means each time you fail you’re more likely to give up completely.


Why isn’t what you’re doing getting you results? Because you’re repeating the same steps but expecting different results. That’s the definition of insanity!


Which means people will notice you’ve started and soon enough they’ll notice when you’ve thrown in the towel and failed.

Who’s stealing all the attention at your kids’ clubs? The other dad who bucked the trend of being in the 1% club of ‘forty-somethings’ that can actually get in decent shape. You’ve disappeared into the crowd.

Or you won’t get noticed. That could be worse. You’re wearing the same comfortable off the peg suits to meetings, but all you desire is walking through the office in a tailored suit, where the chest size is 4 inches bigger than the waist size and not the other way round!

Which means only a few weeks after telling all your friends this is going to be the time that you finally get in shape you will have to face the embarrassment of looking the same in 6 weeks time. 

Here’s where StrengthBox comes in…

Luckily for you, there is a solution. Let me introduce you to personal training at StrengthBox. Bespoke Coaching that’s seen hundreds of men and women change the course of their life by not only dropping weight fast but by building sustainable results that last forever.

We’re not just going to get you a little bit in shape, we’re going to get you in ‘Men’s Health’ cover photo shape. 

StrengthBox is a small private personal training community built by a professional strength and conditioning coach who has previously worked with international level athletes. The founder Nick completed a Master’s Degree in sport and exercise psychology meaning he has built plans that are not only good training plans in the gym but tap into what makes you tick. This turns what has previously caused you to fail into your biggest weapons in your arsenal to guarantee future success.

We have had hundreds of people just like you walk through our doors having previously struggled to get the physique and health that they desire thinking all is lost only to get in the best shape of their lives.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at this personal training review. 

“I have been a member of StrengthBox gym for two years now. The guidance and support of the personal trainer team together with tailored sessions have led to a 35kg weight loss and massively improved fitness – it has changed my life and overall health! Great atmosphere, friendly instructors and challenging workouts in safe and supportive surroundings. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get fit and have fun too!”

Regularly our personal training is £1,800 but you’re going to get all this for either one payment of £1,200 or if that’s a little too much to swallow at once three payments of £600.

We are expensive, we cost more than most personal trainers because you are not paying per session, so that can’t be compared. You will not be paying us an hourly rate. You are paying to receive lifetime results fast. 


Yes, you will be expected to sacrifice for this, you need to give us a minimum of two hours of your undivided attention per week. That is a promise we will give back to you and some. Nothing worth having was easy to come by. Give us 12 weeks of commitment and we will give you a lifetime of results. 

Now we appreciate you’re probably going to have to give up a gym membership for this programme. So as a thank you; you will also be able to train in our private gym with our groups as often as you like outside of your two coaching sessions per week. Ordinarily, this will cost an additional £750 over the 12 weeks but you get it absolutely free.

100% Money Back Guarantee Stamp

Money-back guarantee

We want you to get results. So if you do everything we say and if after 12 weeks the results you receive are short of incredible we will give you all your money back. 100% of it. No questions asked. No hard feelings

Summary of your Personal Training Program

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P.P.S Let’s be blunt, if you pass on this offer in 6 weeks from today will you have lost a stone? Probably not, you’ll still be wishing you’d taken action but what’s worse is you’ll be 4 weeks further away from your goal, which means it’ll take a further 4 weeks of undoing before you make 4 weeks of progress, so that’s 8 weeks of effort.

P.P.P.S Change is scary, but so is staying the same, what got you here won’t get you there. You are going to have to change your habits if you want to change your results. 

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