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Online Training

We’ve curated some of our most successful personal training programs and made them available online for you to download now.


(This works even if you’ve never followed an online training plan before)

Those who follow our plans see physical results in as little as 2 weeks, and by 4 weeks have doubled the results the would have seen on their own!


Here’s the problem; you are stuck in the same dull routine. Training the same exercises on the same day. You might mix it up once or twice a year trying a one-size-fits all cookie-cutter online training plan like ‘German Volume Training’ or ‘TABATA’ But really you’re just spinning wheels on the same spot you were a year ago. Your plans are disjointed at best, they never seem to lead you from where you are to where you want to be. 

You can’t grow any muscle or lose any fat. You look the same today as you did 6 months ago. What’s the point in trying?


Luckily for you, there is a solution.

Let me introduce you to online personal training at StrengthBox. Bespoke training plans intelligently designed in ‘blocks’ for infinite combinations that will get twice the results of training alone with half the effort.

We’re not just going to get you a little bit in shape, we’re going to get you in cover model shape. 


StrengthBox founder Nick has worked with international-level athletes and do you want to know their secret?

They train in 4-week cycles building up to a bigger picture over a one-year season or a four-year Olympic cycle but still only focusing on the next 4 weeks. Making sure they pass these 4 weeks milestones is what puts them ahead of the competition. 

Now he has taken his most effective training plans and put them together into 4-week building blocks so you can build your own online training programme to achieve your best physique in as little as 12 weeks.

We have had hundreds of people just like you use our online training plans who have previously struggled to get the physique and health that they desire thinking all is lost only to get in the best shape of their lives. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at this. 


“After a few years away from gyms I signed up to a 12 week transformation at StrengthBox at the start of January and the results were exactly what I was after – I was enthused about training again, and I lost 9kg in weight.”

Regularly our online training is £90 per month but you’re going to get all this for either £45 per month or stack your own blocks together to create the best 12-week online plan you can for £90


But I already pay out for a gym membership?


We understand that you already pay money for your gym membership so why would you buy an online training plan on top as an added expense? But your gym membership alone doesn’t get you results, you’re just paying an entrance fee.

That’s like renting a spanner instead of hiring a plumber, it’s a no-brainer.

To get real results you need a plan and you need accountability. Both of those you will receive in your online training plan. 


As soon as you click buy on your online training plan you will receive an email link to join our private Facebook group. This is where you will receive answers to all of your questions and you can discuss your training with other people just like you. You will get this for free because we realise a plan on paper alone won’t get you results.  

100% Money Back Guarantee Stamp

Money-back guarantee

We want you to get results from your online training. So if you do everything we say and the results you receive are short of incredible we will give you all your money back. 100% of it. No questions asked. No hard feelings.


Find the online training program you want from the categories below. We have arranged the programmes according to your goal, either ‘Build Mass’ or ‘Get Strong’. Then add it to your cart, stack it with other training programs to save money and get better results. Then go through to your cart to complete your purchase. We’ll handle everything from there to get your online training plans sent out to you straight away.


You will be invited to join our closed community shortly after.

P.S. Let’s be blunt, if you pass on this offer in 4 weeks from today will you be any closer to your goal? Probably not, you’ll still be wishing you’d taken action but what’s worse is you’ll be 4 weeks further away from your goal, which means it’ll take a further 4 weeks of undoing before you make 4 weeks of progress, so that’s 8 weeks of effort.


P.P.S Change is scary, but so is staying the same, what got you here won’t get you there. You are going to have to change your habits if you want to change your results. 

Act now, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Mastering the Basics Free


We’ve found the highest quality supplements that will give your programme the best support. We’ve calculated how much of each supplement you will need for 12 weeks and put them into a stack to save you time  having to source them for yourself. 

Click on buy now to add them to your cart.