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The guidance and support of the personal trainer team together with tailored sessions have led to a 35kg weight loss and massively improved fitness - it has changed my life and overall health!


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The best gym I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. All the trainers are friendly, welcoming and professional – and they get great results!


Excellent facilities with a great team have massively helped me achieve my goals. Nick & his team are professional and knowledgeable.


Cannot recommend highly enough! Joining StrengthBox made a real different both physically and lifestyle-wise! The team are really friendly and you get a very personal service (not like in a big gym). Coming to end of my second block of sessions and will be sure to stay on!


Awesome gym with a great social atmosphere. Nick and the other PTs are extremely knowledgeable and honestly care about your fitness. They’re always happy to help and give you constructive feedback to aid your progression. Recommend this place without question.


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StrengthBox Articles

The 80:20 rule of dieting

The 80:20 Rule of Dieting

Most people start a diet swearing they won’t touch a single ‘bad’ food. Only to ‘fall off the wagon’. But both of these concepts are completely self-made up. What defines a ‘bad’ food? And what truly is ‘falling off the wagon’? Is it eating one bad thing? Or ten bad

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The Ultimate Fat Loss Programme

The ultimate fat loss workout

Here’s my ultimate fat loss workout!   It has very little cardio (no more than 5 minutes), but it works every single muscle in the body and allows every muscle plenty of rest.    It is so effective that on average our Signature Clients lose 4kg of body fat and

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TItle: How much muscle can I gain? Man doing cable exercise

How much muscle can I gain?

This is a question I’m often asked and is an important factor in whether someone should be focusing more on losing fat or gaining muscle.    If you’re pretty lean (~10-12% body fat, +6% for females) then you’re probably going to want to focus on gaining muscle.    But if

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Progress Your Plan

As a novice lifter you can Progress linearly by increasing your weights week on week and you’ll keep growing muscles. as you become more experienced this isn’t feasible and you will need to plan your progress more intelligently. you may be here for this reason .

If so book in a coaching call and we’ll discuss what you can do to keep your hard-earned results year round.