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Personal Training

Train privately with one of our expert coaches who will create bespoke diet and training plans for you.

Group Coaching Challenge

Train in a small team of likeminded winners, join the latest 90 Day Challenge.

Online Personal Training

Buy our 4-week training plans to use on your own, book in check-in calls whenever suits you.

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Diets are confusing and you’re probably here because you’ve heard so much conflicting stuff about what to focus on with diets. So much so you’re being pulled in so many different directions you don’t know what to believe and have gotten stuck going nowhere.

That’s why we have created a free diet calculator that takes all the diet rules that have created our biggest success stories and put them into a really easy to use diet calculator that takes the details you provide and turns them into a diet plan that will get you results to. If you would like us to email you a copy to keep forever and receive further support completely FREE be sure to enter your email address. 

How you can DOUBLE your results

(whether you are local to our Wokingham Gym or not).

Our expert online, group and personal training have been doubling clients success for the last 6 years!
  We have programs to suit everyone that all have the same 3 ingredients for success ACCOUNTABILITY, EDUCATION and COMMUNITY.

Your personal training will focus on keeping you accountable. Training in one of our group sessions will give you the best community of support around. And we have put all our expert-written programs online to give you the best education around training available.

What is Personal Training?

When you sign up for personal training at StrengthBox, Wokingham you will receive our highest level of support in our private gym. Your personal training coach will keep you accountable every week so your results multiply and never stagnate. Your sessions are tailored specifically to you, your goals and your fitness. We don’t use any one-size-fits-all plans. We will teach you how to track your own progress so you get lifelong results.

What do you receive with Personal Training?

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What is Group Training?

Our Group Training takes our personal training model and applies it to those who love to train in a team environment. You receive the same 1-hour contact time per training session with an expert coach but you will be training alongside a small group of like-minded members of our StrengthBox community.

Group Training is nothing like bootcamps, circuits, or anything else you have done before. Instead of being put through the wringer for an hour, you are expertly coached following our carefully written plans to achieve maximum results in minimum time. All the sessions take place in our private Wokingham gym with no more than 10 members and 1-2 coaches. 

What do you receive in Group Training?

We have created a collection of bespoke training plans intelligently designed in ‘blocks’ for infinite combinations that will all get twice the results of training alone with half the effort. All our plans are written in 4-week blocks so you can add different blocks together to create the best training plan for YOU. Whether you goal is to get stronger, add more muscle or get leaner there’s a program for you.

We even have more specific programs for competitive sport and bodybuilding.

As soon as you click buy you will be sent your training plan to download with a results tracker and you’re ready to go!

What do you receive in Online Training?

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Who are StrengthBox?

StrengthBox is a private personal training gym in Wokingham, Berkshire.

Founded in 2014 by Nick Scott; an accredited strength and conditioning coach who has previously worked with junior, professional and international athletes from rugby, football, swimming, ice-hockey and more.

Bringing the expertise usually only afforded to professional athletes, Nick and his StrengthBox team have built a bespoke private training gym with world-class equipment and developed training and diet plans you need to achieve your weight loss, strength, or sport-specific results fast.

Since opening it’s doors in 2014 it has changed the lives of hundreds of men and women who on average double their results compared to if they’d have gone it alone. 

Whether your goal is to drop fat, gain muscle, look and feel better or perform better you will find the right plan here.

Personal Training

Train privately with one of our expert coaches who will create bespoke diet and training plans for you.

Elite Group Coaching

Train in a small team of likeminded winners, your membership gives you access to our monthly plans.

Online Personal Training

Buy our 4-week training plans to use on your own, book in check-in calls whenever suits you.

Progress Your Plan

As a novice lifter you can Progress linearly by increasing your weights week on week and you’ll keep growing muscles. as you become more experienced this isn’t feasible and you will need to plan your progress more intelligently. you may be here for this reason .

If so book in a coaching call and we’ll discuss what you can do to keep your hard-earned results year round.

What Our Client’s Say?

The best gym I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. All the trainers are friendly, welcoming and professional – and they get great results!


Excellent facilities with a great team have massively helped me achieve my goals. Nick & his team are professional and knowledgeable.


Cannot recommend highly enough! Joining StrengthBox made a real different both physically and lifestyle-wise! The team are really friendly and you get a very personal service (not like in a big gym). Coming to end of my second block of sessions and will be sure to stay on!


Awesome gym with a great social atmosphere. Nick and the other PTs are extremely knowledgeable and honestly care about your fitness. They’re always happy to help and give you constructive feedback to aid your progression. Recommend this place without question.