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StrengthBox Signature Programme - Elite Personal Training

Want to get into the best shape of your life in just 90-days? With StrengthBox you’ll lose pounds of fat, pack on muscle, and totally transform your health, fitness, and mindset. Results guaranteed – or your money back.

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What Our Clients Say?

The best gym I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. All the trainers are friendly, welcoming and professional – and they get great results!


Excellent facilities with a great team have massively helped me achieve my goals. Nick & his team are professional and knowledgeable.


Cannot recommend highly enough! Joining StrengthBox made a real different both physically and lifestyle-wise! The team are really friendly and you get a very personal service (not like in a big gym). Coming to end of my second block of sessions and will be sure to stay on!


Awesome gym with a great social atmosphere. Nick and the other PTs are extremely knowledgeable and honestly care about your fitness. They’re always happy to help and give you constructive feedback to aid your progression. Recommend this place without question.


StrengthBox Mastery Programme - Elite Group Training

Get motivated by top coaches and work out in a supportive environment. Our 4-in-1 programme helps you burn fat, lose weight, build muscle, and look lean and fit.


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It’s no secret we’ve helped hundreds of people lose up to two stone of fat in their first 90 days with us and then go on to improve their health, physique and habits within 12 months.

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    90 Days
    3 Weekdays, 1 Weekend
    Whole Body
    Moderate Volume, Moderate to Low Intensity
    12-25 Reps
    30-60 seconds
    3 times per week

    Programme Recommended: MASTERY | Duration: 90 Days.


    Progress Your Plan

    As a novice lifter you can Progress linearly by increasing your weights week on week and you’ll keep growing muscles. as you become more experienced this isn’t feasible and you will need to plan your progress more intelligently. you may be here for this reason .

    If so book in a coaching call and we’ll discuss what you can do to keep your hard-earned results year round.

    Signature Programme

    Train privately with one of our expert coaches who will create bespoke diet and training plans for you.

    Mastery Programme

    Train in a small team of likeminded winners, book your free trial now.